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Goals We Set Are Goals We Get

I'd like to talk about setting goals and address topics like what makes a goal different from a 'day-dream' or just 'wishing' for something to happen. We will talk about the steps to take to put an action plan and strategy in place to reach a goal.

As families get ready to go back to school, this is a perfect time to set goals. Setting goals allows us to reach our greatest potential. At Kovar’s we see student’s come in everyday, some struggle with the curriculum, others with confidence, but each one perseveres until they meet their goal. Our hope is that our student’s continue to persist not only in their training but also in school. By creating goals and setting out to accomplish them, we can make this the best school year ever.

So what makes a goal different from a ‘day-dream’ or just ‘wishing’ for something to happen?

It is a scientific fact - people who have their goals written down are much more successful than those who only “keep their goals in their head.” Harvard, one of the world’s best universities, did a study over a 20-year period. They interviewed the graduating class and found out that only two out of every 100 students had written their goals down. Twenty years later, they interviewed these same people and they found out something very interesting—the financial success of the 2% with the written goals was more than the combined financial success of the other 98% put together!

Next let’s break the concept of goal setting down into forming both short term goals and longer term goals, using the journey to Black Belt as an example. The big goal of earning a Black Belt can be broken down into earning tips and moving up in belt rank. The shorter term weekly and daily goals could be to perfect one or two karate moves. The review is the belt testing and the rejoicing is in the sense of accomplishment and joy that comes from earning a new belt. And, at the conclusion of every belt test, we ask our students to renew their goals in the martial arts.

Any goal can be substituted in place of the martial arts goals as the principles are basically the same. It’s also OK to have more than one goal at a time. A parental favorite is something like “keeping my room clean” to something your child might find more attractive to them.

I want to encourage each and every one of you to consider what goals and dreams you have for your children. Myself and all the staff at Kovar's are very much committed to helping you reach them.

Please reach out to your instructors and program directors or Click Here to email us and let us know how we can help.


Hanshi Dave Kovar, Founder, Kovar's Inc. Dave Kovar is an internationally renowned instructor with a black belt in ten different martial arts styles.

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