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Teach Children How to Identify Bullying

Next month is National Bullying Prevention Month and we believe martial arts is a great way to support the anti-bullying movement with a buddy not bully approach. Our instructors are trained in teaching kids to befriend their peers, but also identify dangerous situations that require help from their parents or teachers.

More importantly, understanding what a bully is and why that person bullies is a first step to preventing a child from encountering bullies or becoming the bully.

So the question is, "What is bullying?"

If someone disagrees with you, or gets mad at you, does that mean they are a bully? Not usually. Sometimes people just have disagreements. If you meet someone for the first time and they say “you’re ugly,” is that bullying? The answer is no. To qualify behavior as bullying, it has to be repetitive.

If someone does something that bothers you, but they might not even be aware of it, is it bullying? The answer is no. For the behavior to be considered bullying, it has to be intentional. Bullying must be intentional AND repetitive. Without these, anything could be labeled as bullying.

Bullying is when someone tries to deliberately hurt other people with words or actions. It is a behavior, not a person. Bullying is mostly psychological and only sometimes physical. People who bully try to take other people’s power away from them.

They use this power to try to harm others by:
• Hurting their feelings
• Publicly humiliating them
• Spreading rumors
• Name-calling
• Physically hurting them


These are only a few ways bullying can manifest itself, in addition there are many places bullying can occur. Especially today as the internet takes center stage in our children's lives, cyber-bullying has become a very real threat.

By understanding what bullying is, you can help your child be aware and recognize of the malicious intent of others. How to stop the cycle of bullying and defend yourself against a bully are strategies that we teach in our martial arts classes. If you know or think your child is either experiencing bullying, or is bullying others, reach out to our academies by going to www.kovars.com/donewithbullying and fill out the contact form on the page. We are more than happy to help!


Hanshi Dave Kovar, Founder, Kovar's Inc. Dave Kovar is an internationally renowned instructor with a black belt in ten different martial arts styles.

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