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I Bring Value to All My Relationships

Hanshi Dave Kovar talks about the importance of bringing value to each and every one of our relationships in this personal account of his interaction with a cashier in a busy store. It's a good reminder to let others know how much they mean to us and share our appreciation of them at every opportunity we have so they know we value them.

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How to Appreciate Your Talents

A lot of times, we overlook our own talents and just how special we are as we go through our daily lives. This is especially true given how much more connected we are with the world around us through the internet. We are exposed to so many talented, amazing people. As a result, we often forget to appreciate what we as individuals bring to the table.  

We matter and we are important.

Appreciation starts with our ability to appreciate ourselves and value the ability we have to shape the world in positive ways.

Participating in martial arts not only gives us an opportunity to discover our martial arts talents but is also a great way to discover other talents and begin to appreciate them as well. In martial arts, we focus on the self and our own unique strengths.  A martial artist recognizes their own abilities and uses them to improve and enhance their technique. They bring that same approach to work, school, personal hobbies, relationships, and so on.  

If we recognize our own talents and use them in the best and most productive ways imaginable, we are demonstrating appreciation for ourselves and becoming a better version of who we are.  

At first a child doesn’t always know what they are “good at” or what they can contribute to their own environment. They may feel lost or like they don’t belong anywhere as they try to understand what it is they want to do in life. If we allow and encourage them to explore who they are and acknowledge their gifts and where they find joy, we help them feel the sense of belonging, happiness, and productivity they need. 

Offering martial arts to our children, gives them a place to discover what they are good at and how they can apply that skill or ability to the world around them. It also fosters fun, safe interaction with peers and allows them to learn about others’ talents and goals. They find ways to support each other and develop a community that appreciates both the team and the individual through drills that support both roles.  

Here's the good news! Martial Arts doesn’t have to be the one talent you have nor does any sport or extracurricular activity that you participate in. You can have many talents and appreciate and cultivate each one all the same. 

Remember, a talent is not just a gift to yourself, but a gift to those around you as well if you use it purposefully. For example, if you enjoy playing the piano, others will enjoy listening to you play too. Appreciating your talents also means allowing others to appreciate them as well. Sharing our talents and not keeping them hidden is another excellent way to appreciate them!

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How Can I Help My Child with Homework?

Many parents ask, "Should I help my child with their homework?" The answer is, yes but maybe not in the way you expected.

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How Can My Child Be Successful?

During the school year, you hope for the best for your child. You want them to succeed in everything from good grades to extracurricular activities, completing homework to making friends. As their parent, you hope they will do their best, but you also don't want to do it all for your child. You want them to have independent success at home, at school, everywhere.

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Teach Children How to Identify Bullying

Next month is National Bullying Prevention Month and we believe martial arts is a great way to support the anti-bullying movement with a buddy not bully approach. Our instructors are trained in teaching kids to befriend their peers, but also identify dangerous situations that require help from their parents or teachers.

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Why Parents Love Martial Arts for Their Children

There are many reasons to sign up your child for a martial arts program. If you are a parent looking to find a program that will help support you and your child through fitness and mental toughness, martial arts might be a perfect fit for your family!

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Who is Hanshi Dave Kovar?

While it may seem obvious for some, we’ve received several questions recently from students and parents just learning about Hanshi Dave Kovar and our team here at Kovar's Satori Academies, hoping to know more about “Who is Hanshi Dave Kovar?” 

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How Martial Arts Can Have a Big Impact on Kids with Autism

The below  article was written by Christine Latreille on the Active For Life website. Thank you for allowing us to share this information. Go check the full article and website at https://activeforlife.com/martial-arts-kids-autism/

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Best School Year Ever

Doing homework regularly is an important part of having a successful school year. Taking time now, at the beginning of the year, as a family to discuss good homework habits can help students reach that goal and set them up for success.

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Goals We Set Are Goals We Get

I'd like to talk about setting goals and address topics like what makes a goal different from a 'day-dream' or just 'wishing' for something to happen. We will talk about the steps to take to put an action plan and strategy in place to reach a goal.

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